A Journey Through Blue
This was supposed to be the happiest time of my life. It was something for which I had prayed for, for many years. I was finally a mother!

But then why did motherhood fill me with such dread? What was wrong? Perhaps it was me. It seemed as if I was not good enough…


Even though my experience of Postnatal/Postpartum Depression was the worst after her birth, she will always be my ‘Little Pudding’ -my something sweet at the end.


My personal Journey Through the Blues of Postnatal/Postpartum Depression. As promised by our Lord, Abigail arrives.


Blue is my all time favourite colour! But little did I know that it would come to symbolise more than a decade of my life as I found myself in the depths of Postnatal/Postpartum Depression.

Where is your village?

In Africa there is a concept known as “Ubuntu” (Oo-boon-tu).

Literally translated, it means “humanity” or the concept of compassion and goodwill towards others.

It brings with it the idea that “I am because we are”.

Are you looking for a guest speaker for your next Ladies Function? Or a guest speaker at your church?

I am available and would love to come share with you!

I can speak on a variety of topics from Postnatal Depression, issues relating to women or Scriptural teaching. For more information on who I am, click on the photo to the right then email me for more more details.

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