I had the privilege of preaching with my pastor, Clive Garton, last year. It was my first sermon in 4 years! A HUGE accomplishment for me.

It was tough to go from being a pastor to a group of people, to having a break down where I couldn’t even look those people in the eyes as I felt like such a failure. Then suddenly to be standing up in front of them again. And not just standing, but being brutally open and honest about my struggles.

But in spite of the nerves, it was a turning point for me. Another step towards healing and wholeness.

I got to speak about David and the deep depression that he struggled with. It was encouraging for me to read up and reflect on how this hero of the faith, a man known as ‘the friend of God’, reached out to God in the dark pit of depression.

May you be blessed as you listen.


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