I can SO relate to what the “Truth Bomb Mom” is saying! Like her, I was a self proclaimed parenting expert before I became a mother. However, in reality, motherhood was NOTHING like what I expected…..

It is tough, scary, exhausting and yet somehow an altogether amazing experience! It doesn’t matter how rough my day has been, all it takes is one look at the faces of my sleeping children at the end of the day, and my heart turns to mush.

My prayer goes up to the Father, “Lord, I love them so much but ‘YES!‘ (happy dance), they are finally asleep.” Oh sweet joy! Maybe now I can pee on my own and drink a HOT cup of coffee? Sigh…  

The Truth Bomb Mom – Kristina Kuzmic  https://web.facebook.com/truthbombmom/videos/1029020537307318/?t=36

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