Ray of Hope
Sometimes the dark cloud of depression seems so oppressive and we long for a glimmer of hope, a ray of sunshine to break through the dark cloud. I would like to encourage you with some resources, some inspiration and maybe even a laugh or two!

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the resources below are not my own, but instead are links which refer you to the original websites and creator/s from which they came.


Even though my experience of Postnatal/Postpartum Depression was the worst after her birth, she will always be my ‘Little Pudding’ -my something sweet at the end.


My personal Journey Through the Blues of Postnatal/Postpartum Depression. As promised by our Lord, Abigail arrives.


Blue is my all time favourite colour! But little did I know that it would come to symbolise more than a decade of my life as I found myself in the depths of Postnatal/Postpartum Depression.

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